The Huntsman Collection

The Huntsman Collection

   Just in time for Fall and the Holidays!  This soap is formulated with just a little extra cleansing to cut through sweat and grime while being nice and mild for weather ravaged skin. Pure essential oils are combined with a rich, loamy scent to give you an earthy, natural aroma. I'm really pleased with the scents.

  This collection is made up of three , one-third sized bars. The scents are:

Pine Needle + Juniper Berry (right)

Spruce, Birch + Sage (middle)

Cedar + Sweet Fennel (left)




       My Hunters Collection soap contains: water. Oils: olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, mango butter, castor. Sodium hydroxide, clay, activated charcoal, fragrance, titanium dioxide, mica.

    Essential oil contained:

    Pine Needle + Juniper Berry contains Pine Needle, Juniper Berry       and Cypress.

    Spruce, Birch + Sage contains Black Spruce, Sage, Birch and Vetiver.

    Cedar + Sweet Fennel contains Sweet Fennel, Himilayan Cedarwood and Fir Needle.


Soaps by Dorie is 

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