I know it's easy to think of refreshing citrus as a summer thing but it's actually a winter fruit.  I made this soap as a gift for family this past Christmas and it was so pretty I wanted to make it again. It's full of citrus and contains every citrus essential oil I have as well as fragrance oil.

   The "sugar" component is actually medium grained sea salt and is for decorative purposes only and can be washed off the bar. Or not.

   It will weigh approximately 4.4 ounces.

Sugared Citrus

Wrapping Options
  • Sugared Cirtus bars contain water, Oils: olive, coconut, almont, cocoa butter, mango butter, castor. Sodium hydroxide, essential & fragrance oil, kaolin clay, sodium lactate,  mica, non-nano titanium dioxide.

    It will weigh approximately 4.4 ounces.

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