Serene Seas

   This is part of my new Stress Less Collection and I love it.

     I wanted to play into a sea based theme so I added blue-green sea clay as well as kelp powder, which lent their earthy, muted hues to the whole batch . Sea salt was mixed with the water portion of the batter to make a brine, reinforcing this theme. For scent I wanted subtle and clean. I turned to a combination of fragrances featuring  subtle notes of mints,  lavender  and water accords. When the whole is taken in, I hope it provides a grounding, sea-spa bathing experience for you.

   This bar will come wrapped in my signature paper.

   As an aside, I thought I'd really mucked this soap up as it had quite a seaweed aroma for the first half of it's cure. However, as it continued to age it mellowed into a soap that I really, really like. Yes, the sea scent is still there in the forefront but I think it's just where it should be.


       This Serene Seas bar containes: Water. Oils: olive, coconut, almond, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor. Sodium hydroxide, fragrance, sea clay, kelp powder, sea salt, sodium lactate.


    Serene Seas will weigh approximately 4.5 ounces.


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