An  Old World soap, Savon de Marseille has been made for centuries in France although it was first made in Spain and called Castile. It's a convoluted story but it is now a well known, beautifully simple soap, made exclusively from olive oil, that often is aged for a full year.  It's also protected and regional like Parmiggiano Reggiano or balsamic vinegar.      While it isn't as foaming as modern soap, be assured it is doing it's job of cleansing and that slick feeling some people describe? Well, that's your skin not being stripped of it's protective mantle by commercial, mass produced detergent.

   This is my version of those ancient soaps, made with a deeply green, lovely organic olive oil, heavy with the scent of grass, subtle peppercorns and ripe fruit. I've added a kaolin clay to it just to anchor the organic essential oils. Is it real Savon de Maresille? Nope. But it's made with limited ingredients and in honor of those ancient roots of soapmaking that run so deeply through our civilization. It's a lovely, lavender scented look back in time.

   These bars will weigh approximately 4 ounces.


Organic Savon Faux de Marseille

SKU: BTH151-SOAP-02-2021
  •    These cubes of Savon Faux de Marseille contain: water, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, kaolin clay, organic essential oils of lavender, lemon, rose, rosemary, patchouli. 

      They'll weigh approximately 4.5 ounces