These Shower Steamers are a very popular scent, mixing the sharp, nose blasting aroma of menthol crystals with a blend of fragrant oils dominated by rose.  To use them, place them at the edge of the shower spray so they can dissolve slowly, releasing their scent while you shower. If it's still there, leave it in the shower to enjoy next time! They're the perfect answer for people who prefer a shower to a tub and, as they contain no additional oils, they won't make your shower a skating rink.

   Please be aware that Shower Steamers are very potent and should not be used as bath bombs. Additionally, please rinse your fingers after any contact so you don't inadvertantly touch your eye or something.

Rosa Mentha Shower Steamer

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Rosa Mentha Steamer
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  • These Rosa Mentha Shower Steamers contain: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch, kaolin clay, cream of tartar, pink clay, fragrance, menthol crystals, rose buds.

       With my new rectangular mold they are smaller but the price is the same per ounce. They weight 1.5 ounces.