This beautiful butter-hued, mild soap is 94% olive oil and called a Bastile, which is a version of the well-known Castile soap. My additions are decadent oat oil, and small amounts of coconut and castor oil. Oat milk, buttermilk and colloidal oats, all organic, round out the additives. For the scent I chose organic lavender, lemon and rose essential oils and used a very light hand. 

   Not just for the little ones! A great mild soap for all.

   Organic Buttermilk + Oat Baby Bar will weigh approximtely 4 ounces.

Organic Buttermilk + Oat Baby Bar

SKU: BTH146-SOAP-02-2021
  •    These Baby Bastile bars contain: water, organic oat milk, organic buttermilk. Organic oils: olive, oat, coconut, castor. Sodium hydroxide, colloidal oats, essential oils.

       These organic baby bars will weigh approximately 4 ounces.