Ladies Shaving Soap, Blackberry Vanilla

Ladies Shaving Soap, Blackberry Vanilla

   My shaving soap for men produces loads of lather but the ladies were largely left out - until now.  I added a touch of purple mica, deepened with activated charcoal and then scented it Blackberry Vanilla. This new addition is designed to use with a shaving brush in a pretty, rosy-brown tin. Then, pop the top back on to keep the shower or bath water out. 

May 2020- I've made some changes to this item; there is more soap in the tin and the tins may vary in size or color, either rosy brown, silver or black. The last two are larger, flatter tins that will provide more room to work up a good head of lather. Feedback encouraged!

***NOTE- This soap is designed for use with a shaving brush, sold seperately.


    These Blackberry Vanilla Shaving Soaps contain: Water. Oils: coconut, almond, stearic Acid, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor. Potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, bentonite clay, silk peptide, glycerine, jojoba, sodium lactate, mica, charcoal.


    These Blackberry Vanilla Shave Soaps weigh approximately 3.25 ounces,


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