I'm not a skin care professional. That said, I discovered hammam cloth a few years ago, like this one, and have been using my mitt since. (For body use only!) It's amazing for those of us who struggle with the need for some serious exfoliation. If I don't remove that layer of dry, dead skin cells (and the five thousand layers of lotion) I don't see relief from my dry, itchy skin. It's like getting a pedicure - you soak in warm water, then remove the dead, dry skin. We've all done that, right?

   The gist of it is basically this: take a nice soak in either bath (preferred) or shower for at least 10 mintutes.  The goal is to soften the dry layers of skin. It helps not to use oils or similar products -you need traction- but if you're enjoying a lovely soak go for it. Now, slip on the hammam mitt and start working it over an area. Start gently and then increase pressure to your own comfort.

   Clean your mitt with soap and water, hang to dry and pamper your newly exposed and very soft skin. Personally, I wouldn't use more than once or twice a week.

Exfoliation Body Mitt