Dedication Snowflake

Dedication Snowflake

   Who doesn't love snowflakes?  This is part of my new Holiday collection and, hopefully, embodies the icy, freshness of these natural works of art as well as the joy of the Holiday Season. It's a work in blues, from icy white to deep glacial blue , worked into a swirl, then topped by white soap frosting before being embellished.  To scent this soap I went with the fresh bite of peppermint essential oil and Fraisier fir. I wish  winter smelled this good!


    Dedication Snowflake contains: water. Oils: olive, coconut, almond, responsible palm, mango butter, castor, peppermint. Sodium hydroxide, mica, fragrance, sodium lactate, glycerine embeds, titanium dioxide.

  • WEIGHt

    Dedication Snowflake will weigh approximately 4.8 ounces.


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