Charcoal Soap, Light & Fresh

   Charcoal has a long history in health and wellness, particularly in the role of detoxifying. My soap can't make that claim as it's simply soap but it does contain a generous measure of activated charcoal. 

   I made two charcoal bars in two scent options, I'm calling Light and Dark. This, the former, is an uplifting mix of eucalyptus and mints, sweetened with a kiss of floral and anchored by a faint earthiness. It is distinguished from it's Dark sibling by wispy, swirled bands of lighter color, as well as scent. Very spa-like. I really love this scent!


    Charcoal Bar contains: Water. Oils: Olive, coconut, castor, sweet almond, sustainable palm, eucalyptus, spearmint, lavender, jasmine, patchouli.. Sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide.



    These Light Charcoal Bars weigh approximately 4.20  ounces. Soap loses moisture and weight as it continues to cure, especially in my dry climate.

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