Charcoal Soap, Dark and Sensual

     Charcoal has a long history in health and wellness, especially in the area of detoxifying. My soap can't make this claim as it's just soap but it does contain a healthy portion of activated hardwood charcoal.

    This bar, Dark, is part of a duo of charcoal bars I made. It has a scent profile commanded by sandalwood, patchouli and dark woods, tempered by sexy florals. It's just lovely. Though leaning toward the masculine side, it totally works unisex if you like wood scents, like I do.


       This Charcoal Bar contains: Water. Oils: olive, coconut, sweet almond, castor, shea butter cocoa butter, patchoul, rose, jasmine, siberian fir. Sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, frangrance oil, sodium lactate.


       These Charcoal Bars weigh  4.55 ounces. Soap loses moisture and weight as it continues to cure, especially in my dry climate.

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